Welcome to the German Wirehaired Pointer Club

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About the GWP Club

Docked & Denied advertisementIt was in 1976 when the late Major George Wilkinson (formerly our Joint Vice President) called a meeting for GWP enthusiasts to get together with the intention of forming a UK breed club.   It took four years and numerous applications and rejections before the Kennel Club recognised the club and gave it official club status and an official name the “German Wirehaired Pointer Club”.

The GWPC celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary year in 2006, since gaining KC status and over the years has gone from strength to strength with many many more members and enthusiasts recognising the GWP for it’s versatility in the UK.  The Club runs many events for its members and is continually striving to improve the breed’s health, dual show and working status in order to promote its incredible versatility.  The Club welcomes new breed enthusiasts and help and assistance for various events and subject matters.

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Happy, Healthy & Fit For Purpose

The GWPC is dedicated to ensuring that all GWPs bred are healthy and ‘Fit for Purpose’.  We have a puppy list for advertising health tested litters. If you are thinking of having a litter or looking for a puppy, please visit our Health Website at www.gwphealth.co.uk where we endeavour to give you lots of help and advice.  You may also be interested in getting a rescue GWP that is in need of a new home.  If this is right for you, you can learn more by going to our Rescue page for more information.